How to make a great motorcycle video without much effort.

I've put together some thoughts and examples about how anyone can improve their motorcycle movies.

There are many ways to improve a video from being mediocre to something really good or even great. It does not take a degree from film school or top of the line equipment just a little bit of creativity...and not even that much.

Roads I've ridden and reviewed.


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Gear that I use and can recommend.


Jan 15th Winter Ride Kawasaki Versys

By Chris | January 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Looking ahead at the upcoming weather I decided that if it was dry I just needed to get out for a ride. This post is to record some images from what turned out to be a really nice little ride including a frozen lake, as well as, to encourage others to get out and ride…

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Why Best Motorcycle Roads?

My goal is to deliver some amazing road reviews of Washington, Oregon and California. Not only showing the route maps and a photo or two, but delivering a good quality video so you will have a great idea what the road is actually like to ride.

It's ambitious, but I figure that I would  try and do something that isn't being done in a way that will help promote riding and riders because now you'll know which roads really fit into what kind of riding you like.

No need to over-plan, simply Get Out and Ride! 

Personal Philosophy

Every motorcycle is a sport bike and every motorcycle is a touring bike. Take whatever bike you have and get out on the road.

Don't get hung up on the bike or getting the "right" gear. Get on your bike and go, the details will fall into place.

I believe motorcycling should be fun! If you find yourself becoming a "serious rider", you're doing it wrong.




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