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Timber Road Oregon Review | Best Motorcycle Roads | Kawasaki Versys

NORTH END – VERNONIA SOUTH END – HWY 26/6 LENGTH: 20 MILES AMENITIES: – VERNONIA has gas and food ROAD SURFACE: The surface itself isn’t horrible, but lots of heaves and hidden sink holes can make the ride a bit like riding a bucking bronco. The tight section near Timber can be gravel covered especially…

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Hwy 53 Oregon Review | Best Motorcycle Roads on Kawasaki Versys

NORTH END – HWY 26 SOUTH END – HWY 101 LENGTH: 19 MILES AMENITIES: – Gas and Food – Hamlet Quick Stop @ Hwy 26 ROAD SURFACE: Half and Half good to pretty horrible with tears, heaves, dips and erroded road surface. ROAD TYPE: Lots of corners, both sweepers and tighter corner combinations on both…

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GREEN MOUNTAIN ROAD between Kalama and Woodland Washington is a great way to escape I-5 for a few miles. A tight and twisty mainly residential style road you won’t be slammin through here, but it’s a blast nonetheless. NORTH END – KALAMA SOUTH END – WOODLAND LENGTH: 10 MILES AMENITIES: – KALAMA has gas, food…

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