Best Motorcycle Gear

Some gear that I've used and can recommend along with some basic stuff everyone should have or things that are just cool

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Kriega Bags

Very versatile and easy to use system and perfectly 100% waterproof if you need that.

I love that it's on-off quickly and adjusts easily to the volume of stuff I have in it such as swapping jackets. I put my laptop and all the electronic chargers and accesories I need so I can work while on the road along with some clothes and personal items.

I have a US-20 as the main bag and US-5 that serves as tools and emergency items. I've used it on my Triumph Bonneville and BMW r1150r Rockster for trips from 2-6 days with no issues.

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Drift Ghost HD

All my review videos have been shot with my Ghost Drift HD.

When selecting a camera I did a bunch of research and watched a ton of videos (both reviews of the camera and also just examples and test videos). Go-Pro is the big dog, but Drift had a few features I liked which swayed me in their direction.

  • More aero profile so less noisy/draggy.
  • Rotating lens makes leveling the shot a snap.
  • Mobile App so can use my phone to see what the camera sees to setup angles.
  • Remote control wrist band.

Drift Innovation HD Ghost Wi-Fi Waterproof Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder


Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

I picked one of these up because I needed something sleeker that would work better for my AV needs.

Good quality materials for sure and despite looking small it fits quite a bit (Sandwich, snack, bottle of water a map and some misc camera stuff (I use it to store my Drift Ghost HD and Clamps when I'm not filming)).

Black Gas Oil Fuel Tank Bag Magnetic Motorcycle Motorbike Bag for Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley BMW Ducati


Bell Vortex Band Helmet

I love my Bell. I have had a Scorpion 400 and 700 which were both nice, but the Bell Vortex is just better in every way. Build quality, fit and finish. Removing the visor is WAY easier (Scorpion visor removal was a pain in the ....). Also, the Bell is much quieter as it has both a chin skirt and also the way it fits around the perimeter of the head. Super nice.

I bought the Black with Orange because I was sporting a whole 1970's retro look (leather jacket, armored jeans, leather gloves, etc) but it comes in white with blue stripes as well.

Bell Vortex Band Helmet


External Micrphones

Having an external mic is a requirement if you want good quality sound for your videos. Otherwise it's all wind noise! The mic from Drift is very good and not spendy. Which one(s) you choose comes down to where are you mounting the camera and how are you using it. Helmet mounted vs on the bike, front of bike, back, etc.

Drift Innovation HD External Clip Mic HDCMIC

If you are mounting the camera off the front and want to mic back by your exhaust you may need to get an external mic with an extended cord. I use this one. It's longer than I need, but I just wrap up the excess and store it in one of the pouches on my tank bag.

I use an Audio Technica for that.

Audio-Technica ATR3350IS Omni Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones



Bridgestone T30 Tires

I have used Bridgestone BT-021s (they came on my Suzuki) and replaced them with like until they were gone, they switched to BT-023s which were better tires but now those are gone too.

I did some research and read comparos. For me I need performance, but I WANT mileage. I'm used to tires lasting 10,000 miles as both the 21s and 23s did for me.

I found a great T30 review from a guy who road around the world on his GSXr1000!

I can say these are GREAT tires. Love them. Right out of the box they had grip despite the warning from the shop guy (default, new tires are slick).I have about 5,000 on them so far and just checked the wear indicator and got lots to go. Watch my review vids and you'll see I'm not shy to throw my bike around corners or ride long distances.

I like them so much I put a second set on the bike I sold to my younger son.

Bridestone T30 Motorcycle Tires.



Bates Cooper Motorcycle Boots

I picked up a pair of Bates Motorcycle Boots last year because they are nice thick leather boots. Very work boot like. The change was to fit the look I wanted while also giving the protection.

They are comfortable (my rides are 5-7 hours day for 2-6 days). I wouldn't go hiking for two hours in them, but I do hike around when I take breaks in towns or at rest stops and they work for that.

Just a nice solid boot without trying to be pretentious (no, I'm not a racer, no, I'm not a hipster), just wanted a classic looking boot that gets the job done.


Bates Men's Copper Trail Motorcycle Boot,Black,10 W US


Retro Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Retro Leather Jacket

If you're going to ride a classic bike you need a classic jacket. This Bilt jacket is actually a pretty nice little item. Looks great, but the materials are nice and the build is pretty good.

It's not some high end high priced piece, but as a way to get into the classic/retro look it fit the bill nicely.

I use mine all the time besides winter. When it's rainy season or below 50 degrees I use my textile jacket which offers better wind and rain protection.

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Freeze-Out Base Layer Zipped Gilet


Freeze-Out Base Layer

I  have a couple of Freeze-Out base layer products and love them. Good for cool/cold days, wind protection and not too thick so easy to store if it warms up.

They have long sleeve, short sleeve and pants too (which I use). Perfect way to extend the length of season but also time of day you can ride 🙂

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Motorcycle Action Camera Mount

This is my primary mount (on the handlebars). You can see my review videos to get the perspective it provides.

I have tried a few different clamps and they were either too wobbly or broke! This one has been the nicest clamp I've used. Clamp works well without having to over-tighten and it doesn't transmit vibration as much (which leads to wavy video effect).

One thing I did do is tossed the chrome ball pieces it comes with (for infinite adjustability) and replaced with hex head bolts. This means my camera never slips of creeps. If you have an issue with slipping, try swapping those out, works like a charm.

Smallrig® Cool Ballhead V4 Multi-function Double Ball Adapter with Bottom Clamp & Standard 1/4" Screw - 1138

Bilt Typhoon Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

I gotta say that I've been impressed by my Bilt Typhoon Water"proof" jacket. Ok, in the hard core rains water does get in but more through things like the collar and sleeve opens that just infiltrating.

But, wind proof means you don't freeze and so far it's help up really well. As I mentioned, very impressed as I've always been told how bad Cycle Gear stuff is...maybe in the past, but these days, they seem to have stepped it up.

I've used mine for a few years now (it's my second jacket) and whenever it's cold and/or might rain, this it my go to piece.

They make it cut for women as well which is really cool.

Check it out for more info



Street & Steel Scrambler Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Retro Motorcycle Gloves

Ok, I was totally taken in by the look of these gloves. Very cool. Materials seem nice, but a bit stiff.

I've read and have experienced that when new you can get some bunching. I can say that

  • If you tug down at the wrist it goes away
  • It only happens when it was cold/chilly
  • Now that I've used mine a bit, it never happens (they are broken in).

Cool, comfy (I ride 5-7 hours a day for 2-6 day rides so that it my context).

No idea about the protection and hopefully never will.

Street & Steel Scrambler Leather Motorcycle Gloves


Kevlar Jeans with Bohn Armour

I love the look and feel of jeans and while by themselves they tend not to have the protection of snow pants (textile "touring" pants) or leather, you can enhance the protection by putting on Bohn Armour first.

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