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Triumph Bonneville SE w/Modest Mods

Sexy wife decided she wanted something that would be a bit lighter and easier to really learn on. We found her a Suzuki Boulevard S40 (Savage) that is low to the ground and a LOT lighter (curb weight) and actually a lot of fun to ride (what bike isn’t?). Anyway, I have fully inherited the…

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Triumph Sprint ST – @14,000 Miles

For those of you who have been following along, I bought this bike with 9,300 miles so the 14k are not all mine, but I can say that I am riding this bike much further than I ever did my other one (other than the long road trips to Oregon). I just got done changing…

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My Sprint ST @ 1,700 Miles

Just another post to update you on my adventure with the 2006 Triumph Sprint ST. I’ve had it for four weeks and have approx 1700 miles under my belt as they say. This isn’t so much a motorcycle as it is a smile induction system. I have had this bike on some pretty long rides…

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Triumph Sprint ST @ 500 Miles

As you might remember, I picked up a used Sprint ST with 9300 miles a couple weeks ago. Well I now have ridden it for about 500 Miles. Each mile I ride I like this bike more and more. As I mentioned in my first post it requires a different riding style and i am…

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2006 Triumph Sprint ST

Well, I did it. I got a new¬† bike and a Triumph Sprint ST to boot. It’s a 2006 that had 9300 miles on it. I’ve wanted one of these since I saw my first one up close at Triumph of Tacoma. We’re just heading into the “off” season so I took advantage to try…

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Taste of Racing – Portland International Raceway (P.I.R)

After having done the Taste of Racing at Pacific Raceways in Kent, and finding out they wouldn’t have another until August, I decided that I needed to plan a trip back down to Oregon to see my mother…and if there just happened to be a TOR at PIR that would just be such good luck…

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