5 Day Fall Ride to Eastern WA & Idaho Part 2

<<-Read part 1 Day 3 Spokane, WA to Coeur d’ Alene, ID Today started a little better than expected. I went down to the hotel office to get another coffee packet only to be told there was a breakfast room with coffee. Seriously? The guy yesterday didn’t mention that. Step 1, pack self with food…

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5 Day Fall Ride to Eastern WA & Idaho Part 1

Introduction The calendar has ticked down and fall has arrived one more time. Despite the fact this means winter is looming out there ready to flop down over all the twisty roads I love like a wet rag, I love the fall. Normally it’s still pretty nice with a fair amount of sunshine and blue…

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Exploring Snake River Hells Canyon Part 3

Read part 1 | Read part 2 Living in reverse Got up early and headed back into Idaho and traveled north along Hwy 95, the same hwy I came down yesterday. The morning was cool but it was clearly doing it’s best to get warm quickly. All along 95 back toward Cambridge I was thinking,…

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