Wind River Rd Washington | Best Motorcycle Roads | Kawasaki Versys

SOUTH END: CARSON, WA NORTH END: INTERSECTION WITH CURLY CREEK LENGTH: 26 MILES TOTAL, 13 MILES FROM TURN OFF AMENITIES: CARSON has gas/food ROAD SURFACE: From Carson pavement is fine, from turn off to start of curvy bit it’s a bit lumpy/patchy in places. Curvy bit, re-paved a few years back and it completely amazing.…

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Oregon Hwy 47 Review – Best Motorcycle Roads – Kawasaki Versys

NORTH END:  CLATSKANIE SOUTH END:  MIST LENGTH: 12 MILES AMENITIES:  NONE ROAD SURFACE: Re-paved a few years back. Glorious. ROAD TYPE: Lots of corners, both sweepers and tighter corner combinations with very short straights in between. Some elevation changes so look for gravel in winter. Lots of hard braking if you’re riding at a spirited…

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