Chasing the sun in Hood River, OR

DAY 1  Tacoma, WA to Hood River, OR

The weather report was two days of 80+ weather in Hood River and mid 70's at home with rain forcast for later I took off.

Taking a quick break at McDonalds to check in with my email to see if any customers needed me to jump on something.

Quick fill up.

At Woodland I jump on Cedar Creek Rd heading east. What a great little road. Country, farm road with a few curvy twisty bits.

When you see this bar, stay to the left....because the road gets really good.

Flying along the curvy NE Amboy road and suddenly came across this funky little road side collection of stuff.

East Fork Lewis River was calling me to take a break and enjoy a little natural beauty.

Finding my way to Blair Road and the curves begin again, along with other out enjoying the day.

Creepy house up in the trees...glad it's day time.

Hitting Hwy 14 east next to the Columbia River. Blue sky, sunshine and weather warmer than I've felt for a while.

There are a number of tunnels along 14 which makes it scenic and fun.

Enjoy the chance to relax, because as we get to Lyle we're taking a detour into a pretty intense ribbons of tarmac.

Left turn up Old Hwy 8 and then turn onto Canyon Road and immediately you're rewarded.

You'll spend the next few minutes attacking corner after corner and then get a short respite.

After a couple minutes, turn right onto Klickitat Appleton Rd, the curves begin again. Off to the right you'll start to see the Klickitat Valley below. Don't worry, there is a great spot to stop and take it in.

Head down the hill and turn right.

You'll hit Hwy 14 again at Lyle, something like 50 yards to the east of where you left. I turn right onto 14 to head back to the Hood River Bridge.

Into Hood River and up the hill to the Hood River Hostel.

Now you see, now you don't

I walk back down into the downtown area for a Pub Burger and enjoyed a casual stroll back to the Hostel.

DAY 2 Hood River to Tacoma

Left while it was still the perfect cool temperature and made my way to Historic Hwy 30

The road has some great corners and scenic farmland to spice up the morning.

At the top before the Rowena Crest Viewpoint the view is stunning.

Rowena Crest looks down over the mighty Columbia and a view of the road to come.

Leaving the viewpoint, I attack the curvy road below.

I headed along Hwy 30 into The Dalles (not Dalles...THE Dalles the locals will correct) before crossing back into Washington.

Hitting Hwy 14, I turn left and head West before stopping for a bit of fuel.


Hwy 14 is a fantastic scenic route. Absolutely worth riding.

At White Salmon I leave 14 and head up Cook-Underwood Road which is a mountain/country road that takes you into some hidden little areas. Early on as this road climbs up into the open, Mt Hood calls to me from across the river so I stop and snap a few pics while drinking some water and eating my Powerbar.

After hitting Hwy 14, I turn right and head west until hopping off at Hot Springs Rd up to Carson.

Heading North out of Carson along Wind River Rd and I run across a flock of Elk (yes I know it's not a flock). It was the first time I'd ever run across something like this. At first I thought it was a logging truck pulling out because all I could see was brown stretching across the road.

Every time I made a noise they stopped and looked at me...I tried not to make noise as these buggers are quite a bit bigger than deer. Please keep moving. I'd guess there were around 50 that crossed. It took a couple of minutes.

Wind River and Curly Creek Road once you turn off this first stretch is one of the best roads around. Later I met a guy who had been up here a couple weeks ago saying the snow was much worse...I'm glad the road was clear other than some runoff.

Turning left onto Curly Creek Rd and pulling into the first rest area, I had lunch and met a couple of neat people for a chat.

After the break I continue on down the mountain toward NF-25

Leaving the good roads when hit Woodland I head north on I-5 trying to get home before the coming Thunderstorms

I didn't make it...

The Routes

Tacoma, Wa to Hood River, Or

Hood River to Tac


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