Vader Washington – Boisfort Rd – Curtis


Boisfort Rd linked up to Vader runs from Hwy 6 through to Vader, Wa and is a great way to avoid I-5 if you're heading North or South near the southern border of Washington.


  • Length: 24 miles
  • Road Surface: Mixed pavement conditions, mostly good, a few patchy bits. A bit rough through the mountain section.
  • Road Type: Open country roads some sweeper corners with a couple of tighter corners thrown in a couple of places.
  • Open farmland, great big view of the sky and fields.
  • It's a working farm area so dirt/mud (I hope that was mud) on the road in places.

How to get there

From the south you can either come up I-5 to the Vader via exit 59 or you can hop off in Longview/Kelso and come north via Hwy 411 (which is a nice country road as well.

I'm not your Father!

ok, sorry, but every single time I roll past the sign heading into town I can't help but do my impersonation.

Vader, WA is a tiny little town made up of a post office a couple of places to eat and a small general store. The "down town" area is nice place to pull over for a snack and as a way to brush off the highway ride.

Heading west out the main road (only road?), you pass the store and hit a great couple of corners straight away. The speed limit jumps up from the into down trundle to a standard country/farm road.

After the first quick corner combination, you'll have a right hander that heads up a little hill (bump in the road), with a blind apex which makes it a lot of fun. Don't worry, the road will be there even if you cannot see it.

Farm Area?

The next section lays the road out into small straights with a couple of corners that lead onto another small straight - both due to some kind of housing community and small tree farm like places (the big farms are after the hill as you head toward Curtis).

Whoa, you almost missed it!

Around one of the tighter left handers you'll see a larger green traffic sign and you need to make the next right onto Wildwood. It comes up quick and the road sign isn't all that big.

The road is quite a bit different as you are now heading up over the small hill/mountain area. Much more patchy/rough and the only view at first are the trees that line the road. Mind the rough stuff and power up and as you break out on top, the view just goes on for a while. The two places to stop aren't special in any way, but if you like the view and the feeling you're the only one around it's not a bad couple of spots.

It's all down hill

Over the top and you can enjoy a few good downhill corners that will eject you onto a straight road that just keeps whispering directly to your right hand..."It's ok, look, there's nobody around..."

I'll leave that decision up to you.

Along this section, there are some country homes and land and my last trip brought a deer across the road so it's not like blasting down the highway...there be beasties.

Open spaces

From here to the end you're basically shuffled from one massive farm to the next so you have wide open views of the sky and fields with a corner of two thrown in around the corners of the farms. It's fun to kick it up a bit and carve into the corners hard on the do get better traction when you're on the throttle after all.

 Choices, choices

The only real choice is when you get to Curtis (there is a building on the left) you cut off and take Curtis Hill Rd (which goes to Hwy 6) or stay and go to Hwy 6 (a few miles West). I prefer staying on Boisfort Rd to 6 and turning right, but try both and see for yourself.



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