2006 Triumph Sprint ST

Well, I did it. I got a new  bike and a Triumph Sprint ST to boot. It's a 2006 that had 9300 miles on it.

I've wanted one of these since I saw my first one up close at Triumph of Tacoma.

We're just heading into the "off" season so I took advantage to try and get a good deal.

Buying the Bike

After looking around a bit, I had an idea of what they "went for" and was ready to try and buy one even if it wasn't local to me (these bikes aren't easy to find for sale so finding one down the street is problematic).

What I chose to do was something one step further and having just been through this, I can't recommend it (him) enough. I used Barry Jaroslow of http://www.autobuyingmadeeasywa.com who is a buyers advocate/representative. We exchanged a number of emails and he asked me a lot of questions (at first it seemed like too many, but he was just making sure I wasn't forgetting anything important, like insurance or my endorsement.

The second phase was amazing; while I sat working one day, he called and haggled with the dealership (I found mine at a dealer in a neighboring town) until we settled on a figure that ended up including the taxes and license fees you have to pay anyway. On a bike that was listed at $7995, dropped to 6300 upon my first contact with the dealer, Barry saved me an additional $800.00!!

And the best part? I didn't have to fight with them or haggle or get into that emotional roller coaster. He handled it, called me and said, "Schedule your test drive, if you want it, 'here's the price'".

And then, when writing up the deal, they had a policy that they wanted to use to charge me 3% due to buying with a CC. I understand that, and apparently this is pretty standard practice. I called Barry and took his advice on how best to handle the situation and amazingly "they never do this by the way --haha", the 3% fee was waived. That saved me almost $200.00 dollars they wanted to add on.

The Bike

Ok, so you've probably read all the great reviews about this bike, but in reality, they are absolutely spot on! What a great machine. Granted, I've ridden it home and taken it on three small rides (two short and another medium length), but as I am starting to find myself getting used to it, I am starting to really like it.

The sound this thing makes....I mean, come on, are you kidding me??

Far more comfy than it was day one (but I was trying to ride it like my GSX650f which was not working).

Once I just let myself settle into how the Triumph wanted me to sit and lean, things improved straight away.

As I said, it's a 2006 model with a few miles on it. I'd bet that a good tune would improve it even more. Maybe I'll be able to do some of that myself and then take it to my local dealer for a good once over/tune up.

It needs a new front tire. Am guessing less than a 1000 miles left on that baby (seems to be the original tire even so I'm guessing the owner wasn't too hardcore on it).

The Ride

One thing that you notice right away is how quickly this thing wooshes you up to speed. It's not like you're kicked in the back of the head, but so smooth. You just end up flying along.

Another difference is how "tall" first gear is in that I find it to be a useful gear (using it in tight corners instead of 2nd). That's a change.

It feels light on it's feet and let's you toss it around pretty well. For long sweepers, it wants you to hunker down over the tank and just let it run!


Ok, so I've ridden it for maybe 2 hours which is still a first date if you think about it. I'll keep posting as things develop.


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