Triumph Sprint ST – @14,000 Miles

For those of you who have been following along, I bought this bike with 9,300 miles so the 14k are not all mine, but I can say that I am riding this bike much further than I ever did my other one (other than the long road trips to Oregon).

I just got done changing the air filter, spark plugs and oil again.

Does this look dirty?

Fuel economy seems to have been improved though it’s anecdotal at best. This is the BEST bike. So much fun to ride, comfortable and it zips up to speed so quickly that you just get addicted to it. While not the lightest thing out there, and therefore not extremely flickable, this Triumph is completely at home in any sweeper style corner. I find myself pushing harder and harder and it still just seems kinda bored (Not me, the bike).

We are just getting into the beginning of our riding season here and I am looking forward to put a ton of miles under me.


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